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Professional writer, native San Diegan.

Stephanie is a content guru.

She is a published author of grammar workbooks and is a specialist in all things content.

Her talents consist of marketing communications, copywriting and editing, blogging, presentations, and technical writing. ​ Some of her best projects have included marketing content collateral distributed to stores nationwide to represent well-known brands. She has also created technical content for companies including job aides, staff handbooks, instructional guides, manuals, and end-user tools. Lastly, she has ghostwritten blogs published on high profile sites such as Huffington Post, Business Insider, and Examiner.

My Services

I can meet all of your business' content needs.

When it comes to marketing content, my approach is persuasive yet concise. I always consider, "How can I get a product's message across in the simplest way possible without compromising its value?"

I have taken on a wide range of marketing content roles from packaging copywriting to email campaigns and sales presentations. I've learned the art of communicating clearly and creatively to get you what matters most - the consumer's interest. .

From research to instruction, I can clearly and effectively communicate complex information to the end user. I have written job aides, work instructions, user manuals, and even curriculum.

I have an excellent grasp on today’s internet market and understand how to effectively promote business ideas via web content. I have ghostwritten articles published to the Huffington Post, Examiner, and Business Insider. I have also provided product descriptions and web content for business sites – all with the goal to purposefully fill web space.

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My Work

  • Packaging Content

  • Sales Sheets

  • Product Specs Sheets

  • E-Newsletter

  • Technical Brochure

  • Grammar Workbooks

  • Job Aide

  • Blogging

  • Ghostwriting

  • Product Descriptions

  • Website Content


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